The Ageless Heart Manual



The Ageless Heart Manual: Advanced Strategies to Reverse Heart Disease and Restore Your Heart’s Pumping Power
Inside your report you’ll find 9 specific heart disease cures you can implement right now, safely and from the comfort of your own home, for just pennies on the dollar. There are no dangerous side effects. You don’t need a prescription – and you don’t have to have health insurance.

Now let me show you a small preview of what’s inside…

  • The shocking story of how Big Pharma killed beloved war hero President Eisenhower… how it triggered his 7 heart attacks… and how its now killing 950,000 people every year (with no end in sight).
  • 14 deadly statin side effects… hundreds of studies confirm them, but you won’t see
    them listed on the bottle… or hear about them from your doctor.
  • Nine heart disease cures… and where you can find them at your local grocery store or
  • How to build a disease-proof heart for pennies on the dollar… this could save you a fortune
    on statin drugs, coronary bypass surgery, and other conventional “break the bank” treatments.
  • The single strongest predictor of deadly heart events… including stroke, heart
    attack, angina, heart failure, or sudden cardiac death. And why no doctor knows it. 

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