P.A.C.E. Express Video On-Demand

Congratulations on your decision to transform your body and improve your health with PACE Express! You can now stream all 6 weeks of PACE Express online.

The PACE Express workouts are fast, fun, and can be catered to your personal fitness level.  The results are definitely worth it.

Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, better your health or improve your athletic performance, PACE Express can help you achieve it.  The key to your success is to challenge your body.

The good news is, that’s exactly what PACE Express is designed to do.  As time goes on, you progressively challenge your body so you don’t plateau and you continue to increase your level of fitness and lean body mass.

The fitness program you can now stream from the comfort of your home is designed specifically to do exactly that. And now you have the opportunity to see first-hand how rapidly you can completely transform your body in only 12 minutes a day.

You’ve officially joined the PACE Revolution!

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