Healing Herbs of Paradise – Deluxe Edition



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Healing Herbs of Paradise:


In this beautiful coffee-table collector’s item, Dr. Sears reveals ancient cures and remedies discovered on the remote tropical island of Bali and shares them with the Western world for the first time.

It’s wonderful– can’t put it down.  Beautifully presented, with a nice balance of travelogue narrative, holistic insights and very useful information.  First-class printing, too.  I will share it widely.

Paul R. Reillo, Ph.D.,
Rare Species Conservatory Foundation founder and president, co-director of the Tropical Conservation Institute at FIU. Population biologist, ecological geneticist and environmental engineer.

In Healing Herbs of Paradise, you’ll find treatments and cures for everyday problems like thinning hair to more serious health concerns like high blood pressure, poor sexual performance, hardening of the arteries and even cancer.

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This oversized coffee table book is full of beautiful, colorful photos, entertaining stories, and recipes and treatments you can prepare easily at home.

This incredible book shows you EXACTLY how the healers of a remote, exotic island routinely cure the diseases that claim millions of American lives. Learn how to:

“This book was really an eye-opener for me, providing a lot of insights on the healing powers of the Balinese herbs. Among the several dozen health books I possess, I would rank Dr. Sears Healing Herbs of Paradise as one of my favorites. This book is very simply written, straight to the point and easy to understand. I found the details on natural remedies very helpful and I would suggest this book to any of my patients who are interested in herbal medicine.

Charles Theofilos, M.D., The Spine Center

  • Halt heart disease
  • Fight cancer
  • Stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks
  • Reverse the aging process

healing-herbs-book-baliHealing Herbs of Paradise is one of my proudest accomplishments. It’s the most complete book available on the hidden secrets of Bali — straight from the heart of the jungle. And now I am free to share all this valuable health information with you!

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